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Medical waste, also known as clinical waste, normally refers to waste products that cannot be considered as general waste, produced from healthcare premises, such as hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, veterinary hospitals and labs.

In response to this problem, Bertin Technologies has developed STERILWAVE, an innovative onsite medical waste processing to transform up to 440L / 35kg of hazardous medical waste per cycle into municipal waste. The 40 min’ cycle requires only 10′ operator input and will reduce the waste volume by 80% and weight by 20%.

The Sterilwave onsite system provides the following key benefits:

No more storage areas of hazardous waste

Less intermediate handling = fewer risks

No more specific carrier to transfer the hazardous medical waste (so less expensive)

Automatic process

Eco-friendly, the system requires only a 400 V AC electrical power supply:

Cost effective, the Sterilwave is an innovative onsite solution for the treatment of hazardous medical waste.

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