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RIMI impressive high speed baler delivered to customer in Italy


The Italian manufacturer R.I.M.I has been around since 1993, specializing in the maintenance, assistance and refurbishment of scrap recycling equipment.

Thanks to their experience and know-how, the company started to develop his own line of balers and shears.

The 3 compression high density RIMI balers are a top of the range high speed baler with high production and low maintenance cost. With different models with bale sizes like 30x30 cm, 40x40cm and 50x50 cm, RIMI has it all to increase the value of your scrap metal.

RIMI just delivered his first 50x50 cm bale size 3 compression baler. With a generous box size of 3m x 1.8m x 1.5m, the baler comes with 580-ton main pushing force !!! the box is fully covered with interchangeable anti-wear plates, and running with x4 electric motor of 75KW and Parker Hydraulic system, this machine has a super-fast cycle of 45 seconds per bale!

With 45 seconds cycle time, continuous loading and bales up to 700 Kg (depending to type of material), this machine can process high volume of material in each shift.

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