Why Service Companies are a great solution to improve your business


We know we can't generalize situations and no two business are the same, but in general how many times you faced these problems ?

1-Finding good technicians to service and do maintenance on machinery it's difficult, and sometimes impossible (How many time we had to train juniors from the ground)

2-In many cases, when you have your service and maintenance team, you just simply don't have enough work to keep them busy and justify their employment cost

3- Once your technicians become good, they will leave you for other companies and you are back to square one, training juniors.

As a machinery manufacturer or seller, How many time you faced these problems ?

1- You want to sell a machine in a country you don't deal a lot and you don't have any chance to install it, or service it ?

2- You have a service person in a region, but can't help you because the machine is going to another city which is million miles away (For example in Australia Sydney and Perth are almost 5 hours flight away !!!)

3- You lose sales because you can't go and find a local service person for a one time job, or you have to fly a technician for a simple 1 day installation job

That's where Service Companies are the answer !

A qualified and professional service company (yes, not all of them are qualified and professional) can help you where no one else can, by arranging on-going maintenance at reasonable costs (and many time less than having your own team in long-term), do intervals on machines that may need major maintenance only once in a while, Installations, but most importantly, DO A GREAT JOB BECAUSE THEY ARE EXPERIENCED, EQUIPPED WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS AND DO THIS EVERYDAY.

Scrap-Tech, based in Westerlo,Belgium, is a great example of professionalism and flexibility, which can offer on-site or in-house service and maintenance for Recycling, Demolition and Material Handling machines. They have great in-house capacities and can offer mobile service in all over Europe. for more info 

Companies like Scrap-Tech are planned to be versatile and flexible and for most of them no job is too big or too small.

How Can support you ?

If you are a service provider, join our network so we can introduce you to companies looking for service providers

If you are a Machinery Manufacturer, or Seller, let us help you improving your sales by let you focus on selling and we help you finding the Service Team even if it's a ONE TIME JOB

If you are using machinery, and you are having problems with service, let us help you finding a reliable service provider that can improve your business is your specialist portal for recycling, demolition and material handling equipment. contact us if you need any help in selling or buying machinery