Scrap Metal Processing Machines - High Density Baler

High Density Baler

Fast, Strong and Versatile

Our Aymas 3 compression balers are top of the range, high quality machines built to last for the toughest working conditions in scrap metal yards.

Available in both lid baler and continuous baler styles, the Aymas balers offer one of the fastest operating cycles in the industry, while designed to be low maintenance and easy to operate.

All Aymas balers are remote controlled, with a sturdy structure as well as chrome plated and tampered shafts. These products are available with different size box chambers and bale sizes.

Aymas lid balers are perfect for light gauge scrap as well as some of the heavier and bulkier scrap. For operators seeking higher production, the continuous baler offers fast cycles up to 30 seconds.

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