Scrap Metal Processing Machines - Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers

Fast, Strong and Versatile

Machinery Specialist offers a wide range of wire strippers for different size cables.

The Aymas C5-90 is a multi entry machine with 13 entry point, sized from 5mm up to 90mm. This powerful machine offers fast return on investment and is one of the strongest and fastest machines in the Market.

Our Italian made Bergamini SB120 is a single entry machine is suitable for 6mm up to 110mm. The adjustable entry point allows operators to cut sturdy cables that many other cable strippers can’t process.

For special cables like mining cables, The Bergamini SB150 offers a unique working range of 45mm up to 150mm. Using hydraulic cushioning and rotating blades, it offers an unparalleled cutting force and speed unmatched in the industry

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