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Powerhand grapple saw finally coming down under

Finally, the wait is over.


We are excited to announce that we have extended our relationship with Powerhand and we will distribute their full range of attachments in Australia, including their forestry attachments.


The EX series of Grapple Saws (also known as Log Grab with Saw) are robust, built to last from the best material and components.


Saw cassettes are available in 0.404″ and 0.75″ pitch chain for many applications and various models of each pitch allow for the perfect partnership of grapple and saw cassette for different installation types and base machine requirements.


For swinging applications, grapple saws are partnered with Indexator GV124S rotators and for rigid installations the unique Indexator XR400 SAW rotator is utilized.


Our team recently travelled to Scotland for factory visit and training, and they had the opportunity to use the grapple saw first hand in action.


You can check the range in our Grapple Saw section, or ultimatly contact our team for more details on the Powerhand Grapple Saw range.

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