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Hydraulic Magnet

Hydraulic magnets HYDMAG from GRYB are an important asset to any rail contracting, recycling, demolition, waste management equipment fleet. This unit is completely independent with a built-in genset. The generator is installed directly onto the magnet driven by a hydro pump.. Once the hydraulic hoses are connected to the excavator, you are ready to work. 

GRYB hydraulic magnets are available in many sizes to suit excavators from 8 ton to 100 ton.

Canadian made, with 2 years warranty. It can be hooked up by chains or just simply with a quick hitch. It can be easily switched between different excavators. As optional, it can be supplied with teeth at both side to enhance movement of materials and liberating ferrous scrap.

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Product Specification

Model Diameter (inch) Amps KW Weight (kg)
HYD MAG 36 36 22 9 839
HYD MAG 40 40 33 9 1043
HYD MAG 48 48 38 15 1639
* All data are non binding and factory keeps the right to change models without notice.