Material Handling Attachments - Orange Peel Grapple

Orange Peel Grapple

Our Canadian made Bateman Orange Peel Grab is a heavy duty attachment, built to highest standards for rough markets such as North America. 

The Bateman 4 and 5 Multi Tines Grab, also known as Orange Peel Grabs, are designed to operate with lowest operating cost and, with the most durability in all grades of scrap metal. The Bateman’s grapples are designed with wide body design, oversized bearing rotators, high strength steel alloy bodies, high abrasion resistant tines, and internal hydraulic relief valves for jaw and cylinder protection.

Bateman Grapples have proven to outlast the competition with:

  • Heavy-Duty rotators with 360° continuous rotation

  • Fully protected easy access cylinder hoses

  • Fully guarded high pressure cylinders

  • 5000 psi working pressure

  • Oversized pins with custom locknuts

  • Heavy-Duty tines with heavier material in wear zones

  • Optional Pin-On tips

  • Available with open, semi-closed or closed tine styles

  • 4 and 5 tine configurations

  • Supplied with integrated magnet lifting lug, jumper hoses, and a custom Pin-On or Quick Coupler Yoke to fit your equipment.

We also have grabs with a built in magnet, which combines the grab and magnet for operations which require more flexibility. The grab-magnet offers flexibility to operators looking to combine two attachments in one. complete with 360 degree rotation, it's perfect for mid size and large excavators and material handlers.

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