machinespecialTrevibenne Excavator Shears taking scrappies by storm
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Trevibenne Excavator Shears taking scrappies by storm

The Italian made Trevibenne scrap shears been a household name for demolition industry in Australia for many years, but since the start of partnership between the Italian manufacturer and Machinery Specialist, a large group of Australian scrap operators started to use this powerful mobile shear


Combining simplicity and easy of use and operation with highest standards in manufacturing, using only the best components and material, allows Trevibenne to offer a quality product with reasonable cost of ownership, compared to many the competitor brands.


Trevibenne shears are backed by Machinery Specialist in Australia and all major parts and consumables are mostly available on shelf.


Trevibenne excavator shears are available for all size excavators, ready to take on any challenge in scrap processing and demolition.


In a world that mobility is the key, more and more Australian scrap processors rely on their Trevibenne scrap shears to process their steel scrap and shear material on site, reducing cost and adding value to their final product.

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