machinespecialZato Blue Devil, from rotating shear to versatile pre shredder

Zato Blue Devil, from rotating shear to versatile pre shredder

The North Italian company based in Prevalle, in the province of Brescia, has found global recognition as the leading manufacturer of double shaft rotating shears, aka pre shredders. While for long time the Zato Blue Devil was a household name in pre shredders for hammer mills, in recent years more and more operators are using this versatile machine as a stand-alone rotating shear


The slow speed, high torque double shaft shredders can process a large range of material including light gauge steel, skeleton plates, car parts and engines and complete car bodies 

With many units in operation in Australia, New Zealand and rest of the world, there are plenty of case stories for unique or general purpose applications 


As a pre shredder, the Blue Devil increases input material density which means the hammer mill can easily process the material and increase production up to 30%. On top of that, it can assist in finding unshreddable material which can cause serious harm to hammer mills, while also safely process gas bottles which is a main source of explosions in hammer mills.

As a stand alone shear, the Blue Devil increases density to close to HMS grade, resulting to an absolute boost to production and efficiency.


Available in diesel or electric drive, the Blue Devil is easy to setup, requires minimum site preparation and its very easy to use and operate. Parts are available in our facility in Sydney, backed by large parts stock in factory as well


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